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Sending Money To USA

When most people think of the American dollar they think of the paper form of money that we currently use today. However, the American did not always use the paper form as a dollar; it used to be in the form of a coin. Back in the 1700s is when the first silver coin was introduced. Until this very day though the silver coin is not used as a form of currency anymore, it is still collected by thousands of people across the U.S. and they are worth a lot of money since they are made of solid silver. People often use them as a backup investment plan in the case that they might need to sell them to regain financial stability.

Lady Liberty was the first displayed image to be put on the American dollar. She can be found on the Silver dollar facing the right with the word “Liberty” engraved above her head.

The process of transferring money from one country to another was originally made with foreign workers in mind. They would earn money and then send it back home to family members who needed it. Now people use money transfer for other reasons as well. Perhaps you need to transfer money from the UK to the US. All you will need to do is find the right transfer company for the best rate to get your money transferred. It is often cheaper to do an online transfer with your bank if possible. Try to avoid the ridiculous fees that some transfer companies might charge. Sending Traveler’s Checks through the mail overseas is often the cheapest route to go with sending money to the USA; however this is not the safest method. It’s best to pay at least £7 to do an online transfer.

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