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Sending Money To Thailand

The currency of Thailand has changed over the last few decades. Prior of the first century in Thailand the currencies that were used included barter trades, beads and money that was available in different sizes and shapes. These forms of currency were used around the time of 200-300 BC. Metallic coins are what Tai people used during the 1st all the way to the 7th century. The first coin that was used during the 1st century was Funan Kingdom coins of Indochina until the Dvaravati coins were their replacement during the beginning of the 7th century. Dvaravati coins were used all the way up to the 11th century.

There are two ways that you can send money to Thailand and those options would include either using a Debit card or doing a money transfer.

If you only plan on sending money to Thailand a few times or not very often then it would be best to use the money transfer method. The person that you will be sending the money too will need to have a bank account. If they do not already have a bank account then they will need to open one prior to the money transfer taking place. After the person that you are transferring the money too has opened and activated their account, you can then transfer some money from your account to theirs. You can expect to pay a fee between the amounts of $25-$50 when you process the transfer. The fee that you pay will depend on where you live or where you are sending the money from. Since fees are different at various different transfer companies or banks, you should shop around to find the best deal for less. It is not really worth paying a $25-$50 fee to transfer money unless you are sending double or triple the amount of the fee.

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