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When you send money to United Kingdom you will transfer your currency into British Pound. View todays exchange rate for British Pound compared to others below, and see the best money transfer services who will happily provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Zero commission foreign exchange

ARS 1 British Pound = 22.98 Argentine Peso Send money to Argentina
AUD 1 British Pound = 1.7762 Australian Dollar Send money to Australia
BRL 1 British Pound = 4.3802 Brazilian Real Send money to Brazil
BGN 1 British Pound = 2.2162 Bulgarian Lev Send money to Bulgaria
CAD 1 British Pound = 1.7188 Canadian Dollar Send money to Canada
CLP 1 British Pound = .0000 Chilean Peso Send money to Chile
CNY 1 British Pound = 8.8468 Chinese Yuan Send money to China
COP 1 British Pound = .0000 Colombian Peso Send money to Colombia
HRK 1 British Pound = 8.5465 Croatian Kuna Send money to Croatia
CZK 1 British Pound = 29.01 Czech Koruna Send money to Czech Republic
DKK 1 British Pound = 8.4347 Danish Krone Send money to Denmark
EEK 1 British Pound = .0000 Estonian Kroon Send money to Estonia
EUR 1 British Pound = 1.1331 Euro Send money to European Union
HNL 1 British Pound = .0000 Honduran Lempira Send money to Honduras
HKD 1 British Pound = 10.43 Hong Kong Dollar Send money to Hong Kong
HUF 1 British Pound = 355.76 Hungarian Forint Send money to Hungary
ISK 1 British Pound = 139.13 Icelandic Krona Send money to Iceland
INR 1 British Pound = 86.10 Indian Rupee Send money to India
JMD 1 British Pound = .0000 Jamaican Dollar Send money to Jamaica
JPY 1 British Pound = 151.46 Japanese Yen Send money to Japan
KRW 1 British Pound = 1456.83 Korea Won Send money to Korea
LVL 1 British Pound = .0000 Latvian Lats Send money to Latvia
LTL 1 British Pound = .0000 Lithuanian Litas Send money to Lithuania
MYR 1 British Pound = 5.4397 Malasian Ringgit Send money to Malasia
MXN 1 British Pound = 25.27 Mexican Peso Send money to Mexico
MAD 1 British Pound = .0000 Moroccan Dirham Send money to Morocco
RON 1 British Pound = 5.2492 New Romanian Leu Send money to Romania
TRY 1 British Pound = 5.1089 New Turkish Lira Send money to Turcode
NZD 1 British Pound = 1.9319 New Zealand Dollar Send money to New Zealand
NOK 1 British Pound = 11.19 Norwegian Krone Send money to Norway
PYG 1 British Pound = .0000 Paraguay Guarani Send money to Paraguay
PHP 1 British Pound = 67.30 Philippine Peso Send money to Philippines
PLN 1 British Pound = 4.7631 Polish Zloty Send money to Poland
QAR 1 British Pound = .0000 Qatari Riyal Send money to Qatar
RUB 1 British Pound = 79.09 Russian Rouble Send money to Russia
SVC 1 British Pound = .0000 Salvadoran colon Send money to El Salvador
SAR 1 British Pound = 5.0022 Saudi Arabian Riyal Send money to Saudi Arabia
SGD 1 British Pound = 1.8059 Singapore Dollar Send money to Singapore
SKK 1 British Pound = .0000 Slovak Koruna Send money to Slovakia
ZAR 1 British Pound = 18.20 South African Rand Send money to South Africa
LKR 1 British Pound = .0000 Sri Lanka Rupee Send money to Sri Lanka
SEK 1 British Pound = 11.35 Swedish Krona Send money to Sweden
CHF 1 British Pound = 1.3234 Swiss Franc Send money to Switzerland
TWD 1 British Pound = 40.03 Taiwan Dollar Send money to Taiwan
THB 1 British Pound = 43.61 Thai Baht Send money to Thailand
TND 1 British Pound = .0000 Tunisian Dinar Send money to Tunisia
USD 1 British Pound = 1.3367 US Dollar Send money to United States
British pound as volatile as emerging market currency

LONDON • The British pound has more in common with the Colombian peso and the Polish zloty than you may think. The roller-coaster ride in the exchange rate over the past week - spurred by the latest twists and turns in the Brexit negotiations ...

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The British pound (FXB) depreciated by 0.60% against the US dollar (UUP) for the week ending December 8. The pound (GBB) closed for the week at 1.34, retreating from its three-month peak in the previous week. There was positive news from the Brexit ...

British Pound forecast & technical analysis GBPUSD Extended Losses Dec 11

A few currencies, like cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other online currencies and branded currencies are not tied to any usa. Branded currencies, like airline and credit card points, or in-recreation credit are valued on the subject of the price ...

British pound subdued amid downbeat UK survey data

The British pound remains subdued in Monday morning trading. Investors appear cautious amid continued Brexit uncertainty and a brace of downbeat UK surveys published overnight. SPONSORED ARTICLE : Tech Analysis articles are sponsored by SimpleFX - Simple ...

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Chances of a hard Brexit have eased for now, but there is still "a long way to go," says William Hobbs, head of investment strategy at Barclays.