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When you send money to China you will transfer your currency into Chinese Yuan. View todays exchange rate for Chinese Yuan compared to others below, and see the best money transfer services who will happily provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Zero commission foreign exchange

ARS 1 Chinese Yuan = 2.6308 Argentine Peso Send money to Argentina
AUD 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.1929 Australian Dollar Send money to Australia
BRL 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.4823 Brazilian Real Send money to Brazil
GBP 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.1146 British Pound Send money to United Kingdom
BGN 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.2507 Bulgarian Lev Send money to Bulgaria
CAD 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.1902 Canadian Dollar Send money to Canada
CLP 1 Chinese Yuan = 94.96 Chilean Peso Send money to Chile
COP 1 Chinese Yuan = 443.03 Colombian Peso Send money to Colombia
HRK 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.9630 Croatian Kuna Send money to Croatia
CZK 1 Chinese Yuan = 3.2913 Czech Koruna Send money to Czech Republic
DKK 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.9541 Danish Krone Send money to Denmark
EEK 1 Chinese Yuan = .0000 Estonian Kroon Send money to Estonia
EUR 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.1282 Euro Send money to European Union
HNL 1 Chinese Yuan = 3.5449 Honduran Lempira Send money to Honduras
HKD 1 Chinese Yuan = 1.1787 Hong Kong Dollar Send money to Hong Kong
HUF 1 Chinese Yuan = 39.43 Hungarian Forint Send money to Hungary
ISK 1 Chinese Yuan = 15.92 Icelandic Krona Send money to Iceland
INR 1 Chinese Yuan = 9.8301 Indian Rupee Send money to India
JMD 1 Chinese Yuan = 19.20 Jamaican Dollar Send money to Jamaica
JPY 1 Chinese Yuan = 17.15 Japanese Yen Send money to Japan
KRW 1 Chinese Yuan = 170.79 Korea Won Send money to Korea
LVL 1 Chinese Yuan = .0000 Latvian Lats Send money to Latvia
LTL 1 Chinese Yuan = .0000 Lithuanian Litas Send money to Lithuania
MYR 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.6385 Malasian Ringgit Send money to Malasia
MXN 1 Chinese Yuan = 2.8708 Mexican Peso Send money to Mexico
MAD 1 Chinese Yuan = 1.4232 Moroccan Dirham Send money to Morocco
RON 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.5899 New Romanian Leu Send money to Romania
TRY 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.5548 New Turkish Lira Send money to Turcode
NZD 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.2169 New Zealand Dollar Send money to New Zealand
NOK 1 Chinese Yuan = 1.2058 Norwegian Krone Send money to Norway
PYG 1 Chinese Yuan = 852.83 Paraguay Guarani Send money to Paraguay
PHP 1 Chinese Yuan = 7.7827 Philippine Peso Send money to Philippines
PLN 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.5431 Polish Zloty Send money to Poland
QAR 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.5695 Qatari Riyal Send money to Qatar
RUB 1 Chinese Yuan = 8.6875 Russian Rouble Send money to Russia
SVC 1 Chinese Yuan = 1.3205 Salvadoran colon Send money to El Salvador
SAR 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.5665 Saudi Arabian Riyal Send money to Saudi Arabia
SGD 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.2053 Singapore Dollar Send money to Singapore
SKK 1 Chinese Yuan = .0000 Slovak Koruna Send money to Slovakia
ZAR 1 Chinese Yuan = 2.0603 South African Rand Send money to South Africa
LKR 1 Chinese Yuan = 23.13 Sri Lanka Rupee Send money to Sri Lanka
SEK 1 Chinese Yuan = 1.2329 Swedish Krona Send money to Sweden
CHF 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.1486 Swiss Franc Send money to Switzerland
TWD 1 Chinese Yuan = 4.5724 Taiwan Dollar Send money to Taiwan
THB 1 Chinese Yuan = 5.0081 Thai Baht Send money to Thailand
TND 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.3755 Tunisian Dinar Send money to Tunisia
USD 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.1510 US Dollar Send money to United States
China's yuan eases on a rising dollar, set for weekly loss

SHANGHAI, Oct 20 (Reuters) - China's yuan eased on Friday morning and looked set for a weekly loss, dragged lower by a rise in the dollar after the U.S. Senate approved a budget blueprint for the 2018 fiscal year. Traders said the Chinese yuan was under ...

China's yuan slips after Q3 GDP, corporate dollar demand

SHANGHAI, Oct 19 (Reuters) - China's yuan eased against the U.S. dollar on Thursday morning after slightly slower economic growth in the third quarter, while strong corporate demand for the greenback piled additional pressure on the Chinese currency.

BRIEF-North China Pharmaceutical to issue up to 2 bln yuan commercial paper

Further company coverage: ($1 = 6.6181 Chinese yuan renminbi) (Reporting by Hong Kong newsroom) Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

China FX regulator expects more stable foundation for yuan after party congress

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s foreign exchange regulator said on Wednesday he expects yuan exchange rates to have a more stable foundation after the 19th Communist Party Congress, amid market expectations of a move to widen the yuan’s daily trading band.

China's yuan funds for foreign exchange ends 22-month decline

China's central bank's yuan outstanding for foreign exchange (forex) rose in September, snapping a 22-month decline, data showed Thursday. The funds increased by 850 million yuan (around 128.6 million U.S. dollars) from August to 21.51 trillion yuan ...