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Send Money To Canada

If you are looking to send money to Canada please take a moment to get some background information on the Canadian Dollar and the options open to you for money transfer to Canada.

The Canadian Dollar

Much like the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar uses the $ symbol but is sometimes abbreviated with a C$ to show the difference to other countries who also use the Dollar as their official currency. Statistics tell us that the Canadian Dollar is the 7th most traded currency in the world, which proves it is popular to send money to Canada.

Most money transfer services will allow you to send money to Canada via their system. In many cases using these services gets you better exchange rates and lower commissions or charges compared to a standard bank transfer. Using a service like this is also better than using Western Union because of the higher security measures a company like this has in place. With Western Union once the receiver has collected the payment there is no way of gaining a refund.

If you are interested in sending money to Canada then check out some of our suggested services below, these services can give you a free no obligation quote so you can compare to what your bank would charge you for the same money transfer.