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Convert Euro to US Dollar

Convert your desired amount of Euro to US Dollar with this easy to use conversion tool.




1 Euro = 1.1782 US Dollar

The Euro is the official currency of European Union and the symbol for it is EUR. If you are looking to send money to European Union use our conversion links below to see what your money would be worth at todays Euro exchange rate

Zero commission foreign exchange

GBP Convert Euro To British Pound AUD Convert Euro To Australian Dollar
BRL Convert Euro To Brazilian Real CAD Convert Euro To Canadian Dollar
CHF Convert Euro To Swiss Franc CNY Convert Euro To Chinese Yuan
DKK Convert Euro To Danish Krone HKD Convert Euro To Hong Kong Dollar
INR Convert Euro To Indian Rupee JPY Convert Euro To Japanese Yen
KRW Convert Euro To Korea Won LKR Convert Euro To Sri Lanka Rupee
MYR Convert Euro To Malasian Ringgit NZD Convert Euro To New Zealand Dollar
SGD Convert Euro To Singapore Dollar TWD Convert Euro To Taiwan Dollar
ZAR Convert Euro To South African Rand THB Convert Euro To Thai Baht
SEK Convert Euro To Swedish Krona NOK Convert Euro To Norwegian Krone
MXN Convert Euro To Mexican Peso BGN Convert Euro To Bulgarian Lev
CZK Convert Euro To Czech Koruna EEK Convert Euro To Estonian Kroon
HUF Convert Euro To Hungarian Forint LTL Convert Euro To Lithuanian Litas
LVL Convert Euro To Latvian Lats PLN Convert Euro To Polish Zloty
RON Convert Euro To New Romanian Leu SKK Convert Euro To Slovak Koruna
ISK Convert Euro To Icelandic Krona HRK Convert Euro To Croatian Kuna
RUB Convert Euro To Russian Rouble TRY Convert Euro To New Turkish Lira
PHP Convert Euro To Philippine Peso COP Convert Euro To Colombian Peso
ARS Convert Euro To Argentine Peso CLP Convert Euro To Chilean Peso
SVC Convert Euro To Salvadoran colon TND Convert Euro To Tunisian Dinar
PYG Convert Euro To Paraguay Guarani MAD Convert Euro To Moroccan Dirham
JMD Convert Euro To Jamaican Dollar SAR Convert Euro To Saudi Arabian Riyal
QAR Convert Euro To Qatari Riyal HNL Convert Euro To Honduran Lempira

Euro News

Stronger currency shrinks euro zone trade surplus in August

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Euro zone's trade surplus shrank in August as the stronger euro fuelled an import boom that was only partly offset by a rise in exports, official estimates released on Monday showed. Although the euro has depreciated against the dollar ...

European Earnings: Currency Versus Economy

Oct.20 -- Earnings season is underway in Europe. While leading economic indicators signal good news for stocks, some big misses from companies like Nestle and Unilever have already disappointed the market. Bloomberg Intelligence's Tim Craighead discusses ...

EU chief Juncker claims the euro currency has prevented WORLD WAR 3 erupting in Europe

The EU chief said without the single currency the continent would face “tremendous conflict” between states including “military war”. And in a speech likely to raise hackles amongst struggling Mediterranean countries he claimed all Europe would be ...

Euro Pound Outlook to be impacted by European Central Bank (ECB) News

Demand for the Euro slipped slightly on Friday morning as investors adjusted their positions on the shared currency ahead of a potentially influential week. Traders are anxious about political uncertainties in Spain, as well as what tone the European ...

Greek crisis veteran Varoufakis warns euro is designed to FAIL and will bring EU with it

Appearing on BBC This Week, he said: “The eurozone is the core of the European Union and the euro is a currency designed to fail. Not intentionally, unintentionally perhaps. “And if the euro fails, the European Union is gone.” Mr Varoufakis then ...

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