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Euro Exchange Rate.

Current Euro exchange rate versus one unit of GBP.

1 EUR = 0.7776 GBP Convert Euro Here »

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The Euro is the official currency of European Union

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British Pound to Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast: Top GBP/USD FX Predictions for 2016 / 2017 - Exchange Rates UK

Foreign exchange markets witnessed the British pound to dollar conversion rate peak at the best level of 1.4618 in 2016 today. Sterling (GBP) has rallied against a weaker US dollar but what's in store for cable in the near, medium and long-term forecasts?

Demand for Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates Remains Subject to Price of Oil / Gold - Exchange Rates UK

While the Canadian dollar exchange rate complex has been somewhat positive on today's forex markets, this may not last if commodity prices fail to remain consistent. The CAD has been stable recently, potentially on account of recent oil and gold prices ...

USD/JPY Exchange Rate Dives after BoJ Hold Rates - Exchange Rates UK

Today finds the japanese yen to euro spot exchange rate priced at 0.008. The JPY to USD exchange rate converts at 0.009 today. At time of writing the japanese yen to australian dollar exchange rate is quoted at 0.012. The japanese yen conversion rate ...

New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar (NZD/USD) Exchange Rate on 'Bull Run' Despite Dovish RBNZ Outlook - Exchange Rates UK

According to Citibank analysts, interest rate futures showed a 50% chance that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) would cut the overnight cash rate last night. We examine the short, medium and long term New Zealand dollar exchange rate forecasts.

Swiss Franc to Pound Exchange Rate Ticks Higher on Rising Price of Gold - Exchange Rates UK

The Swiss franc has advanced against pound sterling today, as well as other currency exchange peers thanks to the rising gold price. Owing to a continuous advance in the price of gold per 100 ounces, the CHF/GBP exchange rate has risen today.

RBNZ Hold Rate, GBP to NZD Exchange Rate Slips 0.15% Today - Exchange Rates UK

Despite sterling falling against a number of currency exchange peers, the British pound to NZ dollar exchange rate remained strong ahead of this morning's RBNZ decision. NZD has been a poor prospect lately, with the recent decline in the size of the ...

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